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Data Solutions

Sherley Services specializes in creating easy to use data solutions that will help your company, large or small, reduce the amount of time your employees spend working with data. We have the unique ability to look at the way data is being processed and finding ways to speed up that process. In many cases, we have been able to speed up a process by 65% or more while approving the accuracy of the data being entered. (Data Solution Examples)

Our rates will vary depending on the type of solution that is agreed upon. For example, an updated Excel spreadsheet with macros will not cost as much as a full Visual Basic application that reads and edits data in a database.

Feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

Web Solutions

Sherley Services also specializes in designing websites for small businesses or non-profit organizations. Our designs are simple, straightforward, and easy for your visitors to navigate. We avoid using the latest internet fads or adding excesive content that will leave your visitors lost and confused. (Sample Website Designs)

Our baic web design package starts at only $99 and includes: The following items are available for an additonal fee:

Skills and Expertise

The following is a list of applications and programming languages that we are proficient in:

Software Programming Web Development
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Excel VBA (Macros)
  • Visual Basic 6
  • Visual Basic Net
  • SQL Database
  • Basic for Android
  • Dreamweaver
  • HTML
  • PHP and MYSQL
  • Javascript